Just like music and art need an audience, I love hearing what people have to say! After all, it is stressful always being the outsider and not knowing what others really think. If you have any technical advice about how to reduce pixel size, enlarge photos, or anything else, please share the wealth of info you have and let me know. Art events that you think more people should know about? Tell me! Wisdom to share? Let me know. Want to arrange a show or make me famous? We can talk. 連絡したいなら、日本語でもいいです。遠慮しないで。

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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thanks for the nice words on my book Michelle. Nice seeing you last weekend. Lots of art shows coming up in the next few months. Get the feeling we’ll bump into each other again.

    1. I thought there was a contact form…hmmm….one more thing to double check… Thank you for the heads up and for nominating me! Too busy this next month for doing lots of homework though…

    2. LOL! A Noob award! Well, I am definitely a newbie! No doubt about that. I love the way it is both an honour and a kick in the butt.

        1. Okay. Got it! Might have to wait a bit. Packed schedule since autumn in Japan is the season for art, food, sports, reading, you name it.

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