Red Flags for Women Artists

As a curator and artist participating in the all-women show, Blossom Blast, at the Ultrasuper New gallery on the edge of Harajuku, Miki Saito painted a list of red flags for women artists.

1. The offer is too good to be true.

Promises a lot of ambitious things that cost $$$ and is willing to pay for it.

2. Uses means to communicate besides email [sic].

Facebook chatting? Texting? Not so professional to mix personal conversations with business unless you are close friends.

3. Asks you personal questions.

Family? Boyfriend? Personal questions should not intervene [in] business.

4. Likes to take your picture for “promotion”, for social media, be cautious.

The artwork should speak for itself. When they ask to take a picture for “promotional” purposes

5. Reputation amongst artists [is] suspicious.

Ask other artists what it was like to work with them. If they warn you, do not ignore the warnings. Do not buy into any excuse stories the gallery or art dealer gives.

6. Hesitates to provide contracts.

“Trust me” is never the right answer. Always protect yourself BEFORE you send relevant work.

Miki Saito -Artist and Curator

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