Kokoka in the 30th Kyoto Art Festival 2016

Kokoka is the shorted form of Kokusai Koryu Kaikan, the Japanese name for the Kyoto City International Foundation. Since Kokoka is a municipal building, it is involved with the Kyoto Art festival and has become a venue where a handful of artists can be spotlighted in recent years.

Byungmil Jung, a Korean artist studying in Kyoto, makes amazing sculptural pieces that are finished with lacquer (urushi) and mother of pearl.

Bao Li Chen  or Bao Ri Quan (バオ・リーチェン) is a Chinese painter who participated with the group for the first time I think. (Sorry if the Anglicized spelling is incorrect. The group shows’ catalogue only has the Japanese versions of Chinese characters and katakana.)

Safumi Shinogami’s stained glass in the Art Nouveau style were perfect by the window with sunshine streaming through.

Shoukoh Kobayashi is a renown  Japanese textile artist. Some of her artwork is very large. If you are a fan, I recommend searching for her name – even in English- on Google. You will be amazed at what you find.


Perhaps one in the Tide Pool series by Misa Oikawa
by Shoko Maekawa
by Shoko Maekawa

Shoko Maekawa and Misa Oikawa are both nihonga artists with nature-based themes.

Sara Araki is a Japanese painter mixing Asian motifs with a contemporary style.

I wonder who will be chosen to be spotlighted at Kokoka next year?

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