Stained Glass at the 30th Kyoto Art Festival: International Exhibition of Art 2016

The annual show at the Annex is unusual in that many stained-glass artists are also featured. In fact, one hallway is darkened so that the lamps and other glass items can show off their bright colours.

Takashi Suzuki 早暁 (Sou-gyou) or Early Dawn stood at the entrance to the dark hallway.

Yasuko Yui won the KBS Kyoto prize as you can see for Blue Diamond. Did you see the snail? Hydrangea bushes usually bloom in the rainy season in Japan, and snails love the humidity and moisture at that time.

Yui actually submitted two pieces for display. The cascading bouquet was beautiful. Is that lilies and baby’s breath?

Mie Kawamoto called this Crime and Punishment. She offered no other explanation, so you will have to use your imagination to figure out why.

Kawamoto also displayed two pieces in the show. The second was a stained-glass window with pale pinks and greys.

Yang Xian Gua, also known as Yang Yang, is a Chinese artist living in Kyoto. She exhibited in the Annex show for the first time.

Mayumi Sasaki’s lamp has a dark beauty reminding us of the romance of the Art Noveau era. Can you see the spider webs in the pattern?

Machiko Takada’s lamp is brighter and more cheerful. Are those apple blossoms or dogwood flowers?

Kurumi Tokushige prefers brighter colours with his lamp.

Tokushige also submitted two pieces. 花鳥 or Flowers and Bird is a flat lamp lit from behind.

Shuichi Ogata’s Apple Blossoms is an incredibly detailed lamp shade.

Hisa Nomura made a stained-glass table and placed a light below the table top to show the details.

Michiko Sawai made a colourful, abstract lamp shade for a floor lamp.

Akihito Ueshima’s Peacock is so detailed. It arrived at the Annex swathed in blankets after riding in the passenger seat of the car. That extra care was needed to protect those fragile feathers on top of the bird’s head.

Takashi Suzuki created a round stained glass window featuring waterlilies.

The darkness of the hall envelopes you, but the bright, warm colours in the hall make you smile as  they welcome you to take a closer look.

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