Packing up and Going Home at the 30th Kyoto Art Festival: International Exhibition of Art 2016

Now the room is empty, and the sounds echo off the wall. It all happened in the blink of an eye…

Running to get something forgotten…

Kind souls packing up the art from artists who could not be there in Kyoto on that day.

Be very careful! That is all glass!

Be smart and wear a stylish corset for back support in stylish black. All the fashionable artists are wearing one.

Helping others after yours is packed up. Different nationalities, different generations, different genders, all artists.

Working up a sweat and lugging the painting home after it is rolled up.

When you need a hand reaching those difficult spaces…

The loading zone was packed with cars and trucks of all shapes — just like the artists themselves.

See you all next year! Same time, same place.

Care to come in from the outside for a nice chat?