Glass, Lacquer, Ceramic, and Other 2D Artwork at the 30th Kyoto Art Festival: International Exhibition of Art 2016

To make this large group show easier to see, the work had to be divided into smaller sections. Does the artwork in this section belong with the paintings or the sculpture? You decide.

Koken Murata‘s Illumination, Distant Light is lacquerware or urushi, not ceramic. He also displayed a similar piece in the 2016 Nitten show. This is not your typical lacquerware; this is art. He is also one of the organizers of the show. Where does he find the time?

This video shows some of the other lacquer artwork that Murata has made.

Chika Ando’s lacquered piece was very different from Murata’s. Yes, those are actual leaves.

Toshie Miyakawa‘s ceramic panel could easily be mistaken for glass art. Are those recycled shards in it?

Kuei Chu Hsu Alice is a Taiwanese glass artist. This small panel is entitled, European Town.

Kwon (クォンジェヒョン) is a Korean artist who exhibited for the first time at the Annex. Believe it or not Monroe & Sexy is made from rubber. (The Anglicized version of Kwon’s full name is not known, since the catalogue publishes the names in Japanese and Kwon was not in Kyoto to say how to spell it.)

Chen Min-Yi aka Smile is a Taiwanese artist and exhibited in the Annex show for the first time. Believing is Seeing is made of fused glass.

Some of these are made from surprising materials! What do you think? Did I put them in the correct category or should they have been with the sculptures?

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