Arthur Huang at Pechakucha – Tokyo

Arthur Huang did a presentation at Pechakucha- Tokyo during the period of his exhibition, Memory Walks – Is This the Way I Went? at Hagiso.

If you have never been to Pechakucha, you should. Each presenter is limited to 20 seconds for each of 20 slides. The subject matter greatly varies, but the creative community is largely represented in the towns and cities where the events are held. Arthur Huang’s presentation was fascinating and can be seen on the Pechakucha website. I took a few photos to give  you an idea of the atmosphere.


He started with an explanation of the brain and memory.


Then he showed a simple, coded drawing to explain his process.


Huang showed how he displayed the eggshells at the Hagiso gallery.


After all that work, would you erase your drawing of your memories? Huang did.


Here is a 3D version of a drawing similar to the one on paper.




Oops! Sometimes the eggs get broken. That is to be expected, so there is no need to panic.


The symbols he uses to record his memory walks.





What a fabulous evening!



5 thoughts on “Arthur Huang at Pechakucha – Tokyo

    1. He uses blown eggs that he himself empties. He also cleans them somehow so they do not go rotten. He eats a lot of omelettes. These are incredibly fragile pieces. Between sitting on the top of a ladder with a fear of heights and being entrusted to handle these fragile eggs that were carefully strung at predetermined distances on a string, I was terrified when we set up his show. I am more likely to be the bull in a china shop.

      1. You aren’t as bad as you think!

        Thanks for the info. I was just wondering because you mentioned using broken shells to make new art…was thinking if the insides were there it would be really hard to clean up.

        Still, quite an impermanent base for art.

  1. Some art I just find weird! This I find strangely appealing. I don’t get it, but what can I say. I like long haired animals also, and spend all my time fussing about the hair I have to clean up. Guess I could have made art with that. As ever, You expand my world.

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