Re-create features Tetsuo Iida, Yasuho Ogo, and Keiko Taguchi at the Azabujuban Gallery in Tokyo until the end of the week (May 11-16; 11:00-19:00 but 5:00 on the last day). The gallery is very close to Azabujuban station, so you cannot get lost.

All three of the artists have participated in shows at the Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT). Tetsuo Iida was also in the Narrative Abstract show with me. Here he continues with his bright but muted colour palette and simple stripes with shading in them but has broadened to include mixed media in the form of sheep figurines. Considering how he usually stays true to his style or brand, this is a bold move for him.


Yasuho Ogo’s paintings are organic in contrast to Iida’s geometry with sunshine-filled colours. Keiko Taguchi  seems to have made an abstract painting especially for this show to balance with the other two. It is also her only round piece in the show if I recall correctly. Most of her other paintings are small floral nihonga paintings, and she uses metallics and spray paint as well as traditional powdered pigments.


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