Kokoro to Karada ga Ugoku Toki: Reina Eto


Reina Eto will be having her first solo show at the Face-to-Face gallery at the Face-to-Face gallery in Musashino. It is called Kokoro to Karada ga Ugoku Toki (When Body and Soul Move). It looks like it will be a continuation of her interest in musculature and movement.

This gallery usually has walls that are quite low, so I assume that these paintings will be small-medium sized, so you could find one that fits your wall and your budget. Her paintings have much more life than the average nihonga painting; she has a unique style. She was also featured in the Tokyo Art fair two years ago. If you wanted to start collecting contemporary Japanese art, her work could be a good place to start. Eto is one to keep an eye on in the future.

3 thoughts on “Kokoro to Karada ga Ugoku Toki: Reina Eto

    1. Powdered pigments mixed with a binder, such as glue. In Japan it is called Nihonga or “Japanese picture” but it has a different name in China and probably other countries as well.

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