Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2015 Part II: Cats


The Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2015 had not only lots of quilts done in traditional styles with lots of stitching, beading, embroidery, and applique, it also had lots of quilts with themes, such as cats. I am sure that I remember that pattern for the cats in the basket. I think it was for embroidery and we did liquid embroidery. My grandmother might have had those iron-on patterns.






Okay, this last one is not a cat. A three-dimensional, quilted dog that functions as a purse is amazing though.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2015 Part II: Cats

    1. No, patching my jeans is as far as I go. I was once tempted to accept some looms that a woman offered me since she was retiring though. I did not want to see them go to waste.

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