Tokyo Digital Artist Photographers Group

The Tokyo Digital Artist Photographers group is having their annual exhibition at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku from February 5 to February 14. I think they might have originally met each other in a Meetup Tokyo group. The show is presented by Bunga and features photographs from Rein Van, Marta, Aya, Auroura, Yuka, Mayu, Hazel, Will Ewing, Kaz, Susanne, Tim T, Kayleigh, Ryuta, Kana, Angeline, Derek, Maru, David G, and bunga. A mix of nationalities and styles are evident.




The building itself is also something to enjoy. It is covered with a web of black pipes and graffiti.


Show your support for the artists and check out the show. Believe it or not, every single attendee is appreciated, perhaps strangers more so because no guilt or obligation is involved.



Care to come in from the outside for a nice chat?