Double Vision Wednesdays: Hodler and O’Keeffe


Which one was done by Ferdinand Hodler and which was done by Georgia O’Keeffe? (By the way, who remembers to type her name with more than one F?) The top one is Berggipfel am Morgen (Peaks in the Morning), an oil on canvas painted in 1915 by Ferdinand Hodler, and the bottom one is Blue Hill II, a watercolour painted in 1916 by Georgia O’Keeffe. This is a timely combination, because Hodler is in two exhibitions in Tokyo now, and O’Keeffe just broke records at Sotheby’s New York office. Her Jimson Weed (White Flower No. 1) was sold for three times its estimated value and was the highest price ever recorded for artwork by a woman at that auction house. Two artists paint almost the same image around the same time in two different places.

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