12/20 Yokohama Art Department

Gulp! I am participating in my first ever art fair! I will be at the Yokohama Art Department show on Saturday, December 20, 2014.




I will be on the third floor in booth no. W8. Red Meegs and Louise Rouse, two illustrators who are friends of mine, will also have booths on the third floor.

To be honest, I have no idea what to expect. I think there will be many cute things to buy for last-minute Christmas presents or to stick up for next year’s gift-giving opportunities, but I am looking at it more as a chance to make friends and influence people. I am also hoping to have confirmed a gallery date by then and use it as a chance to advertise my upcoming show. Yes, you will see some of the same pieces that you will see in a gallery later, but this is a much more casual scene. Everything will be on one wall. I guess I have to decide whether or not I want to display only one large piece or a bunch of small ones. What do you think? Go for the visual impact as advertising or go for smaller pieces to appeal to more people and possibly sell one?


Advance tickets are 450 yen, and tickets purchased on the day of the event are only 500 yen. I have 10 free tickets that are available to those who contact me directly or via the blog in a comment.  Act quickly! They could be snapped up before you know it.


6 thoughts on “12/20 Yokohama Art Department

  1. I would go for the multiple display and maybe sell one. Hope you have a flier with one piece featured with the details of your show. This is so exciting. I look forward to your report.

    1. I don’t have fliers other than the ones that they provided, because it is an event rather than a single-person show. This event is just an experiment/experience for me. I have never done an art fair, so I have no idea what is needed or if I can adapt my lack of cutesie knick-knacks for such a fair. I do, however, plan to make friends and influence people. Well, that and colour with crayons.

      I talked to some friends today, and opinions were split. Pros and cons exist for just about any combination. The consensus seemed to be that a focal point is needed, such as a large piece surrounded by smaller ones or maybe three larger ones framed by smaller ones and so on. What say ye?

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