Flipside of Morning TV

Too many things to share from BCTION, so I am dividing the photos into several posts. Seventy artists were involved, and signage was not usually clear about who did what. Enjoy the evil Doppelgangers from the cartoons and other TV shows for children. Who is the knife-wielding sheep? Is it Lambchop? Is it from a show that I am not not familiar with? Any ideas?


Mickey Mouse’s evil twin brother? Didn’t old cartoons already feature an evil sidekick? What happened to Mortimer? Don’t you think they look similar?



Who would have guessed that Dumbo of all Disney characters could have a dark side?


The Cheshire Cat, however, is known as a troublemaker.


Does anybody know who the fat pig is? Porky Pig perhaps?


People have thought that the Teletubbies had evil aspirations almost right from the start of their career. Can anybody remember the name of this one?

Care Bears were abused in many of the paintings in the building. Why does contemporary art have such a dark streak? Why are people sacrificing their childhood icons instead of creating their own characters or images?

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