4 thoughts on “Shine Some Light on You…

  1. Please don’t remove me from your list! I like reading about all the interesting things that you get to do living near Tokyo!

    1. No, no, no! Don’t worry! This is a different list. A friend tweaked things a bit. You have signed up as a Subscriber by e-mail. This is about the new thing she added: Users. I forget why she added it….something about people who wanted to follow along but not by e-mail? I think that was it. It is one of the problems with WordPress dot org sites. If it ended in dot com, other WordPress people could click a button and follow in their RSS feeders. Everything dot org is not that easy. Very frustrating actually. Am playing around with some details now. SIgh!

  2. I am one who has been away from my home I came back but find I do not belong I am an outsider shunned by some and objectified by others. A stranger in my homeland.

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